Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Party for Abby

Today, we had a few of Abby's friends over to celebrate her 7th birthday.  We decided to have the girls make their own pizza's, and also decorate their own cupcakes. I think they had a lot of fun.  They also played some games. I love listening to little girls giggle.  They did get rather loud though.  :-)   A lot of high pitched screeching.  But it's okay, they were having fun.

Here is a photo of me with all of the girls.  Check out our new aprons.  Bill made them all (Abby picked out the material).  He's so talented.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

Today, our families came over to our house to celebrate mine & Abby's birthday's.  Today is actually my birthday.  I don't know when the last time I was with my parents on my actual birthday.  It was nice.  Abby's birthday is Sept 5th. So we always celebrate our birthday's together.

We had so much fun.  We ate delicious food.  We had yummy cake.  We opened our gifts. The kids swam in the pool.  We laughed, we talked. We made special memories. 

Abby's cake. It's supposed to look like a pizza.  

My cake. An assortment of cheesecake. :-)

I'm so thankful that we have family who live close to us so that we can celebrate birthday's together.  Thank you all for coming out today.  I had a great birthday.  I love you all!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School Update

So, Abby & Jadyn loved their first day of school.  Abby said her teacher read them a book.  Jadyn said she met a new friend.  Jadyn said to me "Mommy, do you know that you can make a new friend by going up to her and asking if she wants to be your friend?"  I said "Yes, I knew this.  Did you do this today?"  She said 'Yes I did, and she said she would be my friend".  This is so out of Jadyn's comfort zone. Especially on the first day.  I'm so proud that she made a new friend.

Tiffani did not have such a fun day. Her schedule got changed and she did not realize it. So she went to the wrong class.  She also had band after school so she did not get home until 7 PM. Then she had about 2 hours of homework.  She was exhausted.  Thankfully today she had a much better day. She loves her new English class.  She said the teacher is really nice.

I pray that the school year will be a successful one for my girls.  So far, it seems to be going really well. 

The Little Guy

Here are a few random shots of Ethan.  He's such a ham! 

This was taken on Sunday.

This was taken yesterday on our way to get the girls from school.

This was taken today. He keeps putting on Jadyns's shoes.  

We just love our little guy!  He's such a blessing to our house full of girls.  :-)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School

Today started off good. Everyone woke up when they were supposed to wake up.  Everyone got dressed and ate breakfast on time.  And we even had time for me to take the annual 1st day of school photos.

Tiffani- a Sophomore

Abigail- a 1st grader

Jadyn- a 1st grader

Our girls, up bright & early

The girls in front of their school sign

After we got the girls off to school, Bill, Ethan & I headed off to our annual back to school breakfast at Chick Fil A.  When we arrived, the parking lot was empty, which is very unusual for our Chick Fil A.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  :-)

Ethan is ready to go

Ready for breakfast

Ethan loves Chick Fil A

Unfortunately, this storm chased us home after we ate

It is now pouring at our house.  Very dark here.  Ethan is taking an early nap.  I think I might do the same.  3 more hours until A & J are home.  We won't see T until 7 PM tonight, because she has marching band practice right after school. 

Until next time.......

Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer is Over!

Some days I feel like this summer was a long one, other days it feels like it flew by.  I can't believe it's time for school again.  I am happy about it.  It means my girls will be busy during the day.  They will be separated which means they will miss each other.  Right now they are together 24/7 and so they fight, a lot.  It will be nice to have happy girls again.  :-)

We spent the last few days getting ready for the new year.  We got hair cuts.  And even though T, J & I just got a trim, A got a whole new look.  She said her hair was too long & made her too hot, so she wanted it cut off.  Here are the before & after photos:
A is so happy with her new haircut.  I was so nervous to cut her beautiful long hair, but I do love the new short cut.  She said it's so much cooler. 

Later that afternoon was open house at the elementary school AND the high school. I did take photos at the elementary school, but T would not allow me to take the camera out at the high school. :-(  A & J's teachers seem really nice.  I do believe they are going to have a wonderful year.  T is a little disappointed with her schedule. But she has come to realize that she is in the classes she is in, because she needed to push herself more last year and she did not.  She's still on track for graduation, she just is not in some of the classes she had hoped for. 

Friday night our church had an ice cream social.  I went with A & J. They of course loved being able to eat the ice cream sundae. 

And finally on Saturday, T bought her own ticket to Universal Studio's and Islands of Adventure and went with her friends. She said she had so much fun.  She now loves roller coasters. So that is all she talked about.  She really wants Bill to get a ticket so the 2 of them can go together. 

I will take the annual 1st day of school photos in the morning. I'm praying the rain will leave us so I can get some good photos.  So be sure to check the blog soon. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I just saved 54% on my Grocery Bill!

I'm so excited.  I FINALLY saved MORE than I spent at the grocery store.  I spent $57.73 and SAVED $66.31  I had $6.95 in vendor coupons; $10.00 in Store Coupons; & $49.36 in Special Price Savings.  Here is a photo of all the goodies I bought today. 

I hope that the savings will continue.  It's a lot of work when you have little ones demanding so much of your time.  But it's worth it in the end. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I love these teenagers!

Tiff has found a good group of friends.  Josh she has known since we lived in St. Pete.  They met in Kindergarten.  Then we moved here together (not planned, just worked out that way).  Ashley she met in elementary school. They did not become close friends until middle school.  And Brooks she met in middle school. All 3 formed a bond in 8th grade when they went on a band field trip.  Ever since that day they have been so close. 

They are a good group of kids.  I don't worry about Tiff when they are together. I also love their families.  Everyone has the same ideas as us when it comes to raising the kids. 

Last night, the kids did a progressive dinner.  They started off at Ashley's for appetizers
That is IBC Root beer.  :-)
I love how they pray together.
After appetizers, they went to Josh's house for salad. 
Josh's grandma drove them to Brooks' house in style
On to Brooks house, for the main course.  They had chicken & green beans.
Then on to our house for dessert.  We let them make their own sundae's.  They had fun and enjoyed it.
The kids had a good night.  We are talking about doing this again at Christmas time. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Marching Band Season Has Begun

This past week was band camp.  Tiff had to be at the HS from 1-9 every day.  She said she had fun, and this year was better than last year.  (I think because she's a sophomore now).  :-) 

Last night was the night for the parents/family to come out to see what they have learned.  They did a few drills, and then did what they have learned in sections.  Then they put it all together. 

Once they started playing, I realized how much I have missed hearing the band play.  For only being together for a week, they sounded (and looked) really good.

Unfortunately the performance was at 8:30 PM, so it was too dark to take a lot of photos.  But I did take a few. 

If you are in the area and want to go see the band perform, let me know.  They will be at every football game and then several competitions.  Band season ends at the end of Nov.

Warming up
5 Great Friends
Tiff & Ashley, BFF

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Surgery for Ethan

Today, Ethan had his ears checked by the ENT.  She found that his left ear tube was completely crusted over and clogged. So she removed it, cleaned out the ear and replaced the tube with a new one.  The other ear, well the tube was missing. She said it must have fallen out.  She said this is unusual this soon. Typically they stay in 9-18 months.  Well it's been less than 4 months since they were put in. So she cleaned out the right ear and then replace the tube.

Ethan also got circumcised today.  He did great!  Today's experience at the hospital was a good one.  Ethan thought he owned the place.  We went to register and he took off, playing (and taking ownership) of the toys.  Here is Ethan with a new friend.
Ethan taking ownership of the toys

Ethan did great with pre-op.  Typically he screams at the nurses.  Today he let them do their job. We were so happy.  I had asked Ethan this morning if he was going to be a good boy. He smiled and shook his head "yes".  And he was, a very good boy. 

After surgery, we waited about 30 min for them to page us.  When we walked back, typically he's screaming and fighting the nurses.  Well today he was laying on the bed, just looking around. When he saw us, the tears came. 

He was in pain. They claimed he was not.  But he kept acting like it. They gave him some Tylenol and then passed out.  We were in recovery about 30 min and then discharged home.

I.V. Foot
Comfortable with Dad
Comfortable with Mom
Sleepy Boy
Precious Foot

He has recovered well.  He's running around the house, playing & laughing. you would never know he just had surgery this morning.  He's such a trooper. 

A Little BOY Needs A Family!

I am re-posting this on my blog with the permission from my friend Dawn.  Please pass this info on, and pray about this little boy.  Maybe you or someone you know is his Forever Family! For more info, please email me Thanks.

If it is remotely on your heart to adopt, I ask that you pray about doing so. If it is not, I ask you pray for this boy to have a family claim him.  I am certain as the body of Christ that this boy was given to 'all of us' to pray over. I have attached a photo & have his referral file if you'd like more info on him.

Zlatin is 7 & needs a family in the next few weeks to step up & claim him. There is some grant money available. He is in Bulgaria.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

19 years ago today....

Bill & I became husband & wife.  Happy Anniversary my love! Thank you for 19 wonderful years of marriage. 
Our wedding day. August 10, 1991


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Water Fun

Today we met friends at our community water park. We have not been in years.  And this was Ethan's first time.  Everyone had so much fun!  We had the place to ourselves.  Ethan was a little nervous at first.  But by the time it was time to go, he was "swimming" in the water.  He loved the freedom he had.  He could walk in, around, and out all by himself.  We will be going back. 
All Boy!  He loves to climb

This afternoon, after naps (yes, mom got to take a 90 min nap!  I was exhausted) we were having snacks and a little rain came through. Abby & Jadyn asked if they could go on the porch and play in it, since they did not hear any thunder.  So I said okay.  Ethan joined.  They had fun.  I asked the girls to jump so I could take a photo and after I snapped the photo I noticed something.........
Ethan Jumped Too!  
It's been a good day.  3 weeks left of summer.  I can't believe it. 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request-UPDATE!

This sweet princess I asked you to pray for has FOUND HER FAMILY!  I have heard from others that a family has come forward to be her forever family.  Praising God!  Thank you for your prayers!