Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Ethan

I know, this is a late post.   But trust me, Ethan was celebrated and spoiled.  Life is just so busy to keep up with two blogs and 6 kids.  :-)

Thursday was his 4th birthday. He woke up to everyone singing Happy Birthday to him.  He was so happy. He loved that it was finally his birthday.

Bill & I planned on taking just him to Busch Gardens since everyone else was in school. As we were on our way, the skies looked like rain. So we decided to run into Target to find a "Woody" cowboy hat.  A friend gave us a Woody costume but it was missing a hat. Ethan was happy.  Because he wanted the hat.  Well, Target did not have it so we drove to the mall. Ethan rode the carousel with me and loved it. Big smiles.

Then we went to Build A Bear where he chose his own bear (no more playing with his sisters) and picked a Buzz Lightyear outfit for his bear.

Then to the Disney Store where we found Woody's hat. And it was 40% off. Made me happy. :-)

Then Chick Fil A for lunch. And since he ate most of his lunch, he got ice cream. He was so happy.

He could not wait to come home and have cupcakes for his birthday. We sang to him and he blew out his candle.  Unfortunately Tiff had a football game so she was not home.

Friday when everyone woke up we did presents.  There was no school on Friday. He had so much fun opening his gifts.

I can't believe our little man is 4 years old.  He's changing and his speech is blossoming. He is non-stop talk.

Happy Birthday Ethan. We love you!