Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lazy Day

Yesterday was a lazy day. Mainly because I was waiting to hear from Bill.  I did not want to miss his calls.  I did talk with them around 7 PM our time and they slept well and they were ready for the day.  I can't wait to hear from them this morning.

Here are some pics of our day yesterday.  We are getting ready to pack up and head home this morning.  I think the kids are exhausted and ready to sleep in their own beds. BUT, they have had a wonderful time. It's been fun. 

dolphins were outside our room

Ethan made himself comfortable

The clouds were beautiful

Ethan kept calling this a whale. :-)

Abby met a 16 year old boy at the pool & was telling him all about her 16 year old sister. :-)

Another beautiful sunset

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bill & Tiff have FINALLY made it to camp

After an adventure of the flight being canceled due to bad weather, all other flights to Yantai being booked, no other flight out until Tuesday, no communication with anyone, cell phones not working, not knowing what to do, staying in a 1 star, bad hotel....they were finally able to get cell phone service and call someone to let them know they were stranded in Beijing.  I do not know all of the details yet.  But, Bill was able to get ahold of Bring Me Hope and they sent someone to pick them up at the airport Monday afternoon (they have been there since Sunday evening).  They took them to the train station where they took a 5 hour "fast" train.  Then a van or bus was waiting for them to take them 6 hours to the Yantai camp. 

At 11:30 AM this morning our time (11:30 PM Monday night China time) I was able to talk with Bill & Tiff.  We used the face time on our iPhones.  They looked good. And sounded good. Considering what they just went through.  Bill said the train was cool. 

They are at camp, finally. They missed the 1st day. They are bummed about that.  They plan on calling me at 7 PM (7Am Tuesday their time) to chat. Then at 8 AM they have a meeting and at 9 they meet their buddies.  And then they will officially start camp. 

I'm SO thankful they are there. I was so worried.  I'm thankful for the friends we have made in China and with Bring Me Hope who helped them out. 

Now I'm anxiously waiting to see who their buddies are.  Bill said they told him they are 3 years old. Bill does not know if they are joking.  We shall see soon. 

Hopefully he'll update his blog tomorrow.  So be sure to check it out.

Please continue to pray. Pray for the kids and pray for all of the volunteers.  I know it's going to be an awesome week! 


Little Man!

How can you NOT smile when he smiles at you? 

Lions, Tigers & Bears

The kids slept well for the first night. Abby & Jadyn had a sleepover with grandma & pop pop. Ethan slept most of the night.  But was up by 5:15 ready to play.  So we decided to go out. And on our way out we took the annual pictures at the resort.  Tiff was definitely missed.

Yesterday we took the kids to a Wildlife Conservation. They have lions, tigers & bears (oh my).  It was so hot!  But the kids enjoyed looking at the animals.  We planned on eating a picnic lunch there, but because of the heat we chose to leave. 

After the animals, we drove to the shell factory. We went there last year. It's mainly just one big gift shop. But it had A/C so we were happy. 

After a much needed rest time, it was pool time.  The pool was crowded. Usually it's empty.  But the kids had fun.  We timed it right before the afternoon storms came through.

And it isn't a perfect day without a beautiful sunset! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A little Get Away

The kids & I are taking a few days to get away from home.  It's helping with Bill & Tiff being gone.  We are with my parents & brother at my parents timeshare.  The girls love it here.  They are having sleepovers with grandma & pop pop.  They've been waiting for this for months. 

The kids have been great!  Ethan is happy and I think it's because he's been sleeping.  I hope it continues.

Today we are going to a wildlife sanctuary. The girls are so excited.  We've never been here before.  I hope it's fun. 

Here are a few pictures from yesterday. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

They have arrived in Beijing

I started this post 8 hours ago. As I was typing Bill got online so we skyped for almost an hour.  Then I had to get the 3 kiddos fed and the day has not slowed down.  So now, I have a moment to update saying they made it to Beijing and all is well.  The flight was good (as good as can be expected for almost 14 hours).  Hopefully they are sleeping now.  They are going to get up around 6 and get breakfast. And then meet the guide at 8 for a day of touring.  Bill was able to get onto his site so be sure to check it out. 
Tiff said "at least it's food"  :-)

Bills favorite snack in China

Thanks for the prayers.  Ethan is sleeping. Which is a MIRACLE!  He has not slept through the night in weeks. I'm so thankful he slept all night last night. Because I was exhausted.  Praying he'll sleep well again tonight. 

Abby & Jadyn are doing well.  They have enjoyed having a "sleepover" in our bonus room and staying up late watching movies. 

All 3 were happy at lunch today.  Ethan was happy because I let him sit at our counter with his sisters (he usually sits at the table to eat). Abby & Jadyn were happy because I let them each have a can of root beer.  This was a reward for helping me clean upstairs. They were huge help. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Bill & Tiff left very early this morning to go back to China.  They are going with Bring Me Hope.  They arrive in Beijing around 1:30 PM on Friday (1:30 AM EST).  Saturday they plan on doing some sight seeing. Sunday they are going to church & then more sight seeing before their flight to Yantai.  Mon-Fri they will be at camp. Saturday July 31 they fly back home. We are excited to see who God brings into their lives this week.

Bill hopes to be able to updates his blog that he used 3 years ago when he was at camp.  You can find that link on the right under my favorite blogs, or you can click on it here Bills blog.

Please pray for them as they travel.  Pray for safety & health.  And pray for all of the kids who will be coming to camp next week.  Thanks so much!  I will do my best to update this blog too when I hear from them.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Who needs a step stool.....

when you have a sister.....

.......who will let you stand on her back?????

Busch Gardens

We took another morning trip to Busch Gardens.  We got there before the crowds and left just as the rain began.  We could not have timed it perfectly if we tried.  Abby was so brave. She rode on the Scorpion roller coaster for the very first time. I think this is her first "big" coaster.  One that goes upside down.  I was worried.  Bill of course was with her.  When she got off she came running to me with the biggest smile and said "that was awesome".  Jadyn rode it last time and wanted to do it again. So she did.  Her favorite part is going upside down.