Thursday, September 6, 2012

Birthday Celebrations!

We've been busy here.  Lots of stuff going on with 6 kids.  But one thing we have been doing is celebrating mine & Abby's birthday's.  My birthday was August 28th and Abby's was yesterday, Sept 5.  Abby turned 9.  NINE!!! How did that happen???  I turned....well I'm not embarrassed to say it....I turned the BIG 4-0.  Again, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN????  I honestly have not had any issues with turning 40. Until I see the number written down.  Then it freaks me out, just a little. LOL

I'm so thankful that we could celebrate together, with our entire family.  Here are some photos.

Happy Birthday Miss Abby.  We are so blessed to call you our daughter.  You are our first adoption and because of you, we have added more children to our family.  You are an amazing little girl. You are growing into a wonderful young lady.  I am so excited to see how God is forming you. We love you Miss Abster!