Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Boy & His Trains

I am enjoying having a little boy in the house.  Watching how he plays is so different than how the girls play.  He LOVES anything that can move, make noise etc.  And he LOVES to read.  Today he wanted to play with his trains that he got for Christmas.  The track got moved and was not put together.  So I put it together for him and he is sitting in his room, watching the trains go and reading a book about trains.

I could not even get him to eat his lunch because he wants to play with his trains.

He's all boy & I love it.  And he's growing up fast.  And his speech is coming along well.  He says "Oo Oo Rain" for Choo Choo Train.

OK, he just came back for more food.  :-)  Enjoy the pics

See my trains?

"oo oo rain"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Swimming in February

We've been in our new house for about 6 weeks now.  And not once have the girls asked to go in the pool. Until this past weekend.  The temps outside got up to around 80, so they thought it was "pool weather".  Well, they don't realize that the water is cold, even if it's hot outside. And we do not have a heater for the pool, yet.

So, being the cool mom that I am (ha ha) I told them they could go in the pool.  I figured once they felt the water they would insist on getting out. 

NOPE!  They loved it.  Shivering and all.  They had so much fun. And it was fun watching them.  They swam for about 20 minutes.  Showed off their cannon balls in the deep end etc.  They did not want to get out, but I did not want them getting sick either.  So, they got out and then got into a hot bath in our master bathroom. 

It will be pool weather here before we know it.  Right now I'm enjoying the "spring" like weather we've been having.  I'm not ready for hot & humidity yet. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Guey Hay Fat Choy!

                                                      Happy Chinese New Year!