Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 1 of The Disney Dream: Leaving FL

Ok, so we took 989 photos, not counting the photos the kids took on their cameras.  I will not overload you with all of those pics.  :-)  

The first day was great.  We got there around 10:15 AM.  It was crowded. We got signed in.  We were originally in group 17 to board but they bumped us up to group 5.  Yahoo!   We boarded the ship, I dropped off the pillowcases we brought to get signed, and then we headed up to Deck 11 for lunch.  I have learned to just chill out (or try to) and let the kids get their own food. Because everyone else does that.  So we let the kids go and told them where to sit.  Hope came back with a good plate of food.  She sat down, and I caught her making weird, embarrassing faces in the window.  She was being silly, and then I informed her that people were on the other side trying to eat.  She felt silly.  I was embarrassed.  

After lunch we walked around the boat. We debated getting our suits on. I don't like changing in the bathrooms by the pool.  So we chose not to swim yet and get ice cream.  :-)  

Then we found the kids club (knew where that was but checked it out so we could take pictures) and then found the teen club.  Hope & Maggie were so excited.  They have their own pool area.  

It was then time to go to the room.  1:30 we had access to it.  We unpacked and tried to relax for a bit.  That didn't happen.  LOL  At 3:45 we went to the life boat drill.  We learned last time that where these rooms are, we get to evacuate to the Walt Disney Theater and SIT in comfy seats vs standing outside on the deck in a line.  (we are in 2 rooms this time 2 away from where we stayed in Feb).  

After the drill was time to Sail Away.  We made it to deck 12 and saw the show.  It's a lot of fun.  

It was now around 5:15.  Bill took the girls to the pool and Tiff, Ethan & I went to see the show The Golden Mickey's.  Ethan LOVES the live shows.  After the show, it was time for dinner.

We had the late dinner which I don't care for. But since we booked last minute that was all that was left.  Dinner starts at 8:15.  So late for us who are used to eating at 5.  :-)  Our servers were OK.  Not the best.  The drink guy never refilled our waters or sodas.  :-(  And it took FOREVER to be served. We told them we wanted the kids to be done by 9:15 so they could go to the club.  Only happened 1 night.  :-(  

Bill ended up taking the 3 to their club around 9:30. H & M went to their club at 9:15 (they can go on their own and leave on their own).  When we left the restaurant, we saw the professional photographer so I told Bill I wanted pics of just me & him.  We were laughing because the photographer was confusing Bill on how to sit etc.  It was hilarious.  

I picked up A, J & E around 10:30 I think.  Bill & Tiff went to see Captain America in the movie theater. And H & M came back around 11.  We all crashed.  

Life Boat Drill is AWESOME in the Walt Disney Theater. :-)

Hope put her pants on backwards

Nassau Day 2 June 9

Woke up today and put our suits on. Decided to eat breakfast and swim.  Breakfast here is a buffet (we could go to the sit down restaurants but chose the buffet instead every morning).  

the kids love the hot tub.  They spent a lot of time there.  Then they went to the pool and Aqua Duck (the water slide above the pool).  Well guess what???  Hope & Jadyn got STUCK in it.  I saw them come around (recognized Hope's feet) and then they did not come out of the tube.  Then the water stopped.  They had to be rescued.  I was freaking out.  I thought they did something to break it.  I saw them come out, and go to the line, then leave the line. I thought they were kicked out.  Nope, they said the water just shut off and they were afraid to go back on without an adult.  :-)   Whew......

After some time at the pool, Bill took Tiff, Jadyn, Hope & Maggie into Nassau.  I went to the  movie theater to watch Muppets Most Wanted.  Abby loved it. Ethan asked to leave during it, I fell asleep during it. LOL  I'm not a fan of The Muppets but went because they wanted to (and I didn't want to get off of the boat).

Bill said as they got off, a big loud crack of thunder happened.  so they took cover while the storm passed.  I think Maggie was the only one who bought something.  A new t-shirt.  

When they got back, Maggie & Jadyn wanted their hair braided.  I was surprised how inexpensive that was.  

I think the kids then went to their club for a bit.  Bill, Tiff & I went to an animator class. We learned how to draw Mickey & Donald.  

Later in the day, Tiff took Maggie, Abby & Ethan to see the show Villains Tonight.  Bill & I Took Hope & Jadyn to the family craft time. They made Olaf.  When we got back to the room, Tiff was frustrated. Said Maggie kept taking pictures during the show even though Tiff kept telling her to stop.  The Disney "police" ended up coming over and telling Maggie to stop.  Then Ethan fell asleep and at the end started screaming "I HAVE TO GO POTTY".  

Dinner was at the Royal Palace.  This was the only night the kids dinner came out fast and they could leave for their club so we could enjoy our dinner.  Our server Carlos gave Tiffani 2 mind games to play.  She could not figure either out.  :-)  And then laughed when he told her the answers.  

This night, Hope & Maggie's club was making pizza.  It started at 11:15. I thought it was done by 12.  So we told them to stay till it was over.  At 12:20 I woke up and they were not back. I panicked.  Bill went to the club. The pizza was just now going in the oven.