Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Jadyn Mei Shu

Today is Jadyn's 7th birthday.  Where does the time go?  I'm so happy that she is our daughter. She has brought so much laughter to our family.  Jadyn is a crazy child.  She loves to be silly & giggle.  Her smile is infectious.  It lights up the room. 

Jadyn, I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday today. We love you so much. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Bill!

Wishing my wonderful husband a Very Happy Birthday today!  I love you Bill! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Finally....Christmas Pictures

So, we tried getting family pictures taken a few weeks ago.  Actually a month or more ago. We went to the beach.  The session was a gift from family. I was so excited. We've never done beach photos before.  And I've always wanted beach photos.  It was a chore getting us all ready & driving an hour south to get to the beach.  Of course, it was cold that day (for FL) and I planned on white t-shirts.  So that is what we wore.  The session was quick. Bill felt we were rushed.  We had to suggest photos to be taken.  The photographer took 141 photos (she said).  I viewed some of them on her view finder and they looked okay.  Well about 10 days later we get the CD of 105 photos.  They were edited.  And they were not good.  They were blurry, grainy, we looked green.  Her lens was dirty and you could see spots all over the photos.  I was so upset.  So, the photos I planned on using for our Christmas card, were no good.

Now, probably 5 weeks later, and we still have not taken any Christmas photos. I like to get them out early. And every year something happens and I'm rushing to get them done.  Well tonight, around 4:30, I got the little girls from their friends house, asked Tiff to stop doing homework, and I got them dressed.  Ethan of course had no clue what we were doing.

We spent about 15 minutes in our backyard.  Bill snapped away.  111 photos.  Then I told the girls they could go back & play.

We have some good shots of the kids. We even got some big smiles from Ethan.  I'm so happy.  Now it's time to upload them and get the card ready to mail.  Hopefully my family will receive them before Christmas. :-)

Here are a few that did not make it to the card.  But they are still precious.

My Beautiful Children

Life sure is busy, as usual.  I do love how busy we are, but some days I would love a day of rest.  I guess that will come when the house is empty. And then, I'm told, I will miss the busyness of life now. 

So anyway, here are some pictures of our precious kids.  There are not many (if any) of Tiffani.  She has not been home much. 

Our 3 blessings from China

Ethan LOVES his Elmo slippers

Little Man is climbing on everything. He got up on our kitchen table chairs.

Our little boy

My sweetness

The girls & I were going to see Christmas lights in our neighborhood. We were very happy that it was cold.

The girls went caroling at a retirement home with their Daisy Troop

Abby thought this was a good way to do her reading homework.